« Divinely Adapted Yoga » is designed to allow everyone, regardless of age, physical condition or health situation, to experience the many benefits of this ancient discipline called yoga.

Yoga Divinely Adapted offers classes geared to your specific needs and abilities. You will learn:

  • Modified traditional yoga poses (asanas)
  • New breathing techniques
  • Meditation and relaxation techniques.  

 WHY CHOOSE Divinely Adapted Yoga?

  • We work in private or small groups in order to give more attention to each person individually.
  • We provide a friendly, safe and nurturing environment that enhances quiet reflection and allows the student to have access to this inner place where the mind is calm and relaxed
  • Props such as chairs, blocks, straps, and wall slings, are used to support the body, and thus compensate for the lack of balance or strength and perform the different postures safely.
  • We encourage students to take responsibility for their own progress, to comfortably challenge themselves at their own pace.
  • We encourage students to respect and love their body, to develop compassion, and to accept themselves with their limits and perfect imperfections.
  • We have one rule: you must laugh at least one time per class!

Our divinely adapted yoga classes are designed for people of all ages:

  • With physical limitations and/or restrictions in their movements,
  • Who are uncomfortable getting up and down from the floor,
  • With balancing problems,
  • Who are recovering from an illness or surgery,
  • With chronic health issues.

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions.