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Yoga Divinely Adapted offers:

Chair yoga classes: Level 1 – 2

Hatha Yoga :  Small group classes (6 to 8)

Yoga for Mom / Dad and child

Private, semi-private classes

Private yoga lessons at your home

Chair yoga classes:

In these classes, exercises are done while sitting or holding onto a chair. The chair replaces the yoga mat and becomes an extension of your body, providing you extra stability. In these sessions we put the emphasis on a gentle flow of warm-up exercises followed by adapted traditional postures (asanas). These poses are held for increasingly longer periods of time, depending on the progress of the students, and are modified to make them easier or more challenging.

For students that want to go deeper in the postures, we use other props such as blocks, straps, and wall slings, to support their body, and thus compensate for the lack of balance or strength.

Hatha Yoga :  Small group classes (6 to 8)

This class is designed for people without physical limitations, who prefer a more intimate setting.

Students learn the proper alignment of the postures as well as coordinating breath with movement. As time goes, flexibility, muscle tone, physical endurance and balance gradually increase. Being capable of maintaining the postures longer, the student will progress towards more detailed and precise alignment of the body.

The hatha based practice focuses on a different theme each week.

The class often ends with restorative postures, breathing exercises, deep relaxation.

Yoga for Mom / Dad and child:

We offer you one hour yoga sessions for those of you who would like to share your practice with your loved ones.

Private, semi-private classes:

Certain people simply prefer a more personalised approach.

Although, chair yoga requires no prior yoga experience, if you have a particular injury or illness that requires individualized attention a private session is suggested to clarify and define your goals / expectations.

For the Chair yoga classes; In order for everyone to benefit fully from a yoga group session we try as much as possible to gather people with the same abilities and strengths.

Private yoga classes in your home, condo or apartment.