Who am I?

My yoga journey started in 2002 with the discovery of Ashtanga, a very dynamic and fluid type of yoga.

In 2003 as a result of a back injury I had to abandon all exercise for several months.

This meant a time to pause, to remain still and to hear what the body is saying. I learned that my body is not a machine and that it is capable of telling me exactly what it needs. I learned to accept its limits and imperfections. I learned to love and respect it a little more every day.

Despite the pain and discomfort, I consider this event in my life as an incredible gift of the universe.  It led me to explore other forms of yoga and meditation and thus to discover the healing paths of yoga.

As I look at the situation with gratitude today, I see myself more understanding and responsive to the needs of my students and therefore encourage them to develop patience and compassion for themselves.

I have had the great privilege of teaching yoga and meditation in different studios on the West Island of Montreal in the past years.

Today I would like to share my journey with you and invite you to «Yoga Divinely Adapted» at my house.

Mary-Ann Enthoven

Training and affiliation:

Mary-Ann is certified with the «Canadian Yoga Alliance» as a 500 hour Professional Level Yoga Instructor.

Her training includes:

«Certified Basic Teacher Training»   with Hart Lazer at United Yoga Montreal

«Adapted chair Yoga, Yoga for seniors»   Teacher training with Monica Cordes at gentle yoga Markham

«Advanced Student Teaching Apprenticeship Program»    with Yasmin Fudakowska Gaw.